These are my logs. They're more-or-less my venting space so, get ready for some weird stuff. I usually skip days if nothing interesting happens.

6/10/2021- Can't read my favorite manga in school because one of the 'dramatic girls' (you know the ones) flipped through the pages a little too much. The manga was Dorohedoro by the way. It's really good

5/7/2021- been making some progress in Python and currently learning Javascript. I'm so tired i dont wannna leave the house most of the time, but I do try to pull all-nighters, so that's on me.

4/23/2021- decided to make a button for my site. Not sure why, other than the fact i think i have enough people looking at my site to do that. It will be a still image, but will still be saved as a gif file.

4/21/2021- reached to a point in my pyhton skills that i feel like i can make one of those text-based RPG games

4/20/201- we asked our pe teacher to play anime openings and he did it i'm wheezing rigth now XD

4/10/2021- About 10 days since i last updated this. atleast i have something to say now. Pro-tip: if you watch anime, never, under ANY circumstances let even your closest friends near your browser history or youtube reccomended unless they also watch anime. YOU WILL REGRET IT

4/1/2021- It's April Fool's day so i don't really have anything to vent about, lol

3/31/2021- One more day till April fool's and last day of school until Spring break. Not really exicted, just relieved

3/29/2021- still getting used to Python, will update some other day

3/28/2021- just downloaded Python so i could learn some other programming languages and because it's really good for beginners